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A web host stores your web site and transmits it to the internet
for you. To put a web site on the internet you need three things:
a domain name, a web site and a web host account.
How it works is that your domain name points to your web
host's server which is where your site is physically housed.
When someone types in your domain name, the computer looks
to the domain record to see where it should go to find your site.
It then goes there and gets it. Here is what you should know:
Domain names must be
registered. When domain names are
registered, they are added to a large
domain name register. In addition,
information about the web site, including
the IP address, is stored on a DNS server.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. A
DNS server is responsible for informing
all other computers on the Internet about
the domain name and the web site
Sub Domains
Most people are unaware that they use sub domains daily. The
famous "www" of the World Wide Web is an example of a sub
domain. Sub domains can be created on a DNS server, and
they don't need to be registered with a domain name registrar,
of course, the original domain name needs to be registered
before a sub domain could be created.

Examples of sub domains used on the internet are and
Sub domains can be requested from your web hosting
A small or medium web site will need
between 10 and 100MB of disk space.

If you look at the size of HTML pages, you
will see that the average size is very small.
But if you look at the size of the images
used inside these pages, you will often find
the images larger than the page.

Expect each HTML page to take up
between 5 and 50KB of disk space on your
web server, depending on the use of
images or other space-consuming

If you use a lot of images or graphic
elements (or sound files or movies), you
might need much more disk space.

Make sure you know your needs, before
choosing a web host.
Site builder
To build your web site you are going to need web site building
software. You will need to decide whether you want to use a
web host's site builder or use your own. Your choice will affect
the web host you choose since some web hosts provide a web
site builder and others don't.

I usually recommend that if you are new to web hosting or
fairly new that you select a web host that has a site builder and
use it. The reason is that a software program like Front Page
(the most popular site building program) is expensive and
complicated to learn. You can always move up to it later but
it's hard to start out with it.
Using an Internet Service
Renting a server from an
Internet Service Provider
(ISP) is a common option.

Most small companies store their web site on a server provided
by an ISP. Here are some advantages:
>Connection Speed
Most ISPs have very fast connections to the Internet.
>Powerful Hardware
ISPs often have powerful web servers that can be shared by
several companies. You can also expect them to have an
effective load balancing, and necessary backup servers.
>Security and Stability
ISPs are specialists on web hosting. Expect their servers to have
more than 99% up time, the latest software patches, and the
best virus protection.
Some web hosts give free domain names
with their accounts - I strongly suggest that
you do NOT get one this way. I love free stuff,
but a "free" domain can end up being bad
news for you. Some web hosts that give free
domains retain ownership of the domain. This
means that if you don't like their service and
want to go elsewhere you can't because you
would be leaving your domain behind. In
other words, you're stuck.

Other hosts that provide "free" domains will let
you take the domain with you when you leave
but you have to pay them for it. The fees I've
seen for this run anywhere from $35-$100. In
my opinion, it's just safer to buy the domain
yourself from a registrar like Act Now Domains
so that way no one can hold "your" domain

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